"It’s not like you have nothing to protect yourself with."


"Mister ‘Kevlar  vests’ with your fancy guns and armor."

"I’m going to show you a deathclaw, then you are going to shut your yap."


"C’mon, you a man or a mouse?"


"I’ve hit sharks, this is nothing."

"Let me riterate something to you."

"Have you ever seen a fucking deathclaw? Do you know what they are capable of?"

(informationbrokertsoni) ϟ
+ Anonymous

Thoughts: “What does Liara really do for work…. I never asked that question. Also, what should I make for dinner tonight.”

Bring On the Dancing Horses || Chris & Ellie


Ellie turned to look at the man and smiled tentatively, she wasn’t really interested in making new friends as of late. Isaac, Carver, Santos, Norton, Kaleb… She’d lost to many friends and loved ones over her work. Another one would just be a liability. “Hello…” she responded politely. She didn’t plan on befriending the man but that didn’t mean she should be rude to him. “Looks like you’ve got your hands full with those,” She referred to the boxes. “So what brings you to this side of the Lunar Colony?”

Ellie took a step forward, gestured to the boxes. “You want some help? I was just… planning on reading all day and I guess…” She trailed off. Why was she even bothering? Well he was gonna be living beside her, it would probably be best to get on his good side so as not to get complaints. Running a hand through thick brown hair. “Least I could do… seeing as we’re neighbours now.”

Glancing down at the boxes still packed with moving tape. Some of them had clothes, others had assemblible furniture or cooking pans and pots. “I suppose I bit off just a little bit more than I can chew from where I used to live.” Christian offered up a small smile to the other and began to orientate himself around the next cardboard box. “Oh, work. There is plenty of work in construction about this side of the Lunar colony and it pays alright.” He shrugged his shoulders and went to go pick up a moderately heavy box before he was offered help.

"Actually… You know sure, I could use some help if you are not busy of course." The blond male replied, shimmying the box out a little so that both of them could grab on to it. "I mean you don’t have to…" Course he was saying that but he’d rather not strain his back. "So what’s your name Miss?" He asked, hooking his fingers underneath the box.

Like this better? :P

"10/10 would wear."

Like this better? :P

"10/10 would wear."

ϟ either or. :)
+ centurion-and-interrogator

Silus: “His presence is irking me to kill him…”

Boyd: “When does she get leave….?”


"So what do ye say?"


"Up for the challenge?"

"You want me to slap the ass of a deathclaw."

"You are a fucking dumbass kid let me tell you…"

+ brutebritbeaut

Thoughts:”I still fail to see how she can tote that rifle…”

+ daughterotheriver

Thoughts: “She’s not telling me everything is she? There is some motive behind why she is here…”

"Hello! Nice jacket is nice."