She handed the bottle back, crossing her arms and staring out. “What part are you talking about? The missions or the drinking.” Connie smirked a bit to herself. Though Chris may not have known, she did. And she was sure as hell knowing that none of Freelancer was going to end as well as everyone believed.

"The missions." She murmured taking a swig of that clear liquid. The vodka didn’t even burn the back of her throat anymore. "Seems like we are never told anything… Just told when, where and what it looks like. We are never told why." Tapping the bottle against her lips she took another swig, letting her lips curl slightly. "Maybe it is for the best… Not knowing… Keeps from wondering if we are on the right side… huh." She took another idle swig and looked out into space.

First Mission


Kansas nodded. At this point she just wanted to achieve what she was here for. As Nevada scurried off to the nearest way up, she immediately started down the hall already sure of where she needed to go. If the intel was correct, he would be in one of the rooms in the sub floor on the other side of the building… There was a stairwell she came upon with a couple soldiers making their way quickly down them. ”You! Stop!” Shouted the two brown armored guards when they busted through the door. They wasted no time in reaching for their weapons and neither did Kansas as she charged them, slamming the head of one into the wall. Once he was unconscious she turned to knock the gun out of the other’s grip, sinking one of her throwing knives into his neck. He collapsed and reached to press his hand helplessly over the wound as the blood poured out of his artery. Not wanting to worry, Kansas checked the one she had knocked out and quietly ran the blade over his neck. After both were made invalid, she trotted down the stairs and resumed her path. “You good?” She sent to Nevada.

What Agent Kansas didn’t realize is that she had gotten into her helmet cam feed. This would ensure that she didn’t loose her partner or leave her behind. But… As she began clearing rooms. Subduing soldiers and other saboteur things. Action sprung up on the little display. She stayed put and watched the other work. She was a surgeon with that blade and the other if anything was brutal. It made her blink for a second dazed by what she had just seen. Sure she was used to taking people out through the scope of a sniper a few hundred meters away but things like that she didn’t have the stomach for. ‘Yes, Nice kill’ she typed back searching the high security rooms quietly. 

Open rp


image “Can I help you?”

"Ah… forgive me I’m just a little… Uh… Lost. Where am I?"

For the next five questions my muse can not tell a lie.

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Open rp




"…. Hello…."

Most to Least Likely to Fall in Love Fast





Jinx stood up, wiggling her legs around to check her work. “Nah I think it’s fine,” she replied when the rolls stayed in place. “So Not Doctor, what’s there to do around here?” she asked, “Minus getting killed by mutant thingies,” Jinx added.

Christian smiled and glanced over at the other watching her shake her legs to check the integrity of her makeshift hem. “Well… If running away or… getting killed by mutant creatures isn’t your fancy. You can always run away from those raping pillaging Marauders across the river.” Adjusting his bag over his shoulder the blond chuckled once again. “Nah, there is much more than just that.” 

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