Clean Slate(Ariana/Christian)


   For some reason, Ariana didn’t like to hear about where Christian came from.  She didn’t need to hear about another world where no one was faring well under any circumstance.  She had just barely recovered from the blast of the Crucible, and most of the Citadel and the mass relay system were still being rebuilt.  She didn’t need to hear about another war being fought in another world when she had just won a third one for hers.

   ”Christian.”  Her voice was quiet as she poured the batter into the buttered pan, the sizzling sounding overly loud.  ”Please don’t.”

And just like that, the conversation stop with his heart sinking. He understood that Shepard had seen and heard more than he could possibly imagine… Perhaps too much for her own good. But he knew when to shut up about things and now was definitely the time, seeing as she was starting to get rather agitated with topic. 

Bracing his arms on the counter he stared into the bowl of batter and gave it a stir. Though life was better here… He still missed his home, he knew where he came from and would never forget it if he was stuck here. Which likely he was. “Bellum infernum est Shepard.” He spoke in Latin, his tongue forming the pronunciation perfectly before standing back up and turning to lean on the counter top with his lower back against the counter.


   She was almost proud of herself for just about striking Christian dumb with her movements and actions thus far.  And he was only about to get stupider.

   As she strutted out to her bed, she wordlessly turned and sat down on the edge of her bed, bending over to undo the clasps on her heels.  Pulling them off and setting them next to her feet, she looked up at Christian walking toward her, his shirt off and cast to the side.  She grinned and leaned back on her palms on the bed.  ”I do think you’re overdressed for the occasion,” she teased.

Christian gave a soft chuckle, his eyes glancing down and then back up. “Well… Quite literally… I am.” Making sure the bandage about his left hand was secured the blonde unbuckled the belt but left his pants on, figuring that Shepard would want to have a go at those herself. However what he did next, he had to do or else this would be going nowhere.

Getting down on his knees between her legs and bracing his bare arms against her legs. A soft smirk playing at his lips, the boy was getting bold. Leaning in he kissed her stomach, glancing up at her he slowly began to kiss up her body, his right hand tensing against her thigh as he moved it closer and closer to her crotch, giving her at least a little tease.

Finally he got to her neck and kissed up it, slowly, taking care and nipping with his teeth softly before pecking at her lips and drawing back, a smirk about his lips, proud of himself.


   Yeah, still got it.  She could tempt many a man on the streets of Earth even as a teenager, and she grinned all the wider to know she could still do it of her own accord to men she actually wanted to seduce for no other reason than to have sex with them.  Nothing to do with money, except for maybe the fact she had more of it than she knew what to do with.

   She chuckled softly as she saw his mouth drop open.  As she approached him, she pressed a singular finger under his chin and pushed his jaw closed.  ”I’m sure you don’t want flies in there, kid.  And it’s not a good look for you anyway.”  Circling him, she began to walk away from him and toward her bed.  ”But if you think these would look better on the floor, you should come put them there.”

Suddenly his jaw was closed shut, not by his own desire but rather her own. She had pushed it shut and Christian decided to keep it there as she spoke to him. Shepard circled him as well, like a lion about it’s prey and his eyes watched her every movement as she did so. Course he was dumbstruck by her movements, by how she was acting and speaking. She had him seduced and that seemed to be the plan.

As she beckoned him with a challenge he stepped forward to meet it, stepping over to her while deftly unbuttoning his own shirt, eyes fixated on her. It was clear that he could focus on one thing and do another. Before long though the shirt opened up, his scarred torso teasing at the opening down the center as he got closer.

Clean Slate(Ariana/Christian)


   Taking her hand back for a moment to butter the pan again, Ariana gave Christian a look that said she thought he was crazy.  ”If you think I’m going to eat one pancake, you’re an idiot.”  She pauses as she cleaves through the butter.  ”I do, though.  It’s just that my pancakes aren’t made yet and this requires you to hand me another cup of batter.  Like right now, so the butter doesn’t burn in the pan.”

"No I’m just thinking ahead, preemptively." The blonde grasped the cup full of batter and handed it to her. She was demanding, even when they were cooking, but he didn’t mind. Either way he didn’t mind. Sure being independent for so long he wasn’t used to taking so many orders. "Where I come from though… One pancake is more than enough. Food is slowly starting to grow scarce. There arn’t many boxes of Pre-packaged food left… and there arn’t many crops that can grow in even slightly irradiated dirt."


   She grinned wickedly, watching Christian’s eyes rake her up and down and have him make no effort to hide it.  Hands on her hips, she strode slowly up to him, her heels making a pointed clack on the tile with each step she took.  Christian was a smart kid, definitely, and she could tell he knew she had planned this with the matching lingerie underneath, but he was almost struck dumb at seeing it in person.

   ”Do you think this would look better on me or on the floor?”  She was blunt when she wanted to be.

Shepard had him in a lustful daze. His eyes watching her every movement, even as skilled as he was at camouflaging himself, he couldn’t hide his thoughts, his gaze. As she got even closer his jaw dropped slightly, watching, dumbstruck, wanting. Christian shifted a bit in place and looked up only when he was spoken to directly. Through all of it, he was able to find the right words to say. 

"On the floor… but this…" He looked her up and down again, taking in the curvature of the other’s athletic, slender body. Soon his eyes peered back up into hers, lit up with desire. "Is a lovely… introduction." 

Clean Slate(Ariana/Christian)


   She took a second to look at him, narrowing her eyes slightly.  ”No,” was all she said before Christian was doing what she had asked and sliding her a plate across the counter.  She caught it deftly with her one hand and slid the done pancake onto the plate with the other holding the spatula.  She set the plate down behind her and held out her hand for the next cup to make the next pancake.

Christian held in a chuckle as she looked at him with narrowed eyes. Well now the blonde knew exactly how to get to her. Though he knew not to, of course that would only be used to pester her playfully. If he did work her into a frenzy… he already knew she wouldn’t hesitate to deck him. Grabbing another plate out of the cabinet he went over and asked her. “So, do you want butter on yours?” He placed it down beside the other plate now with a piping hot pancake on it, fresh and peppered with berries. Of course, there were a couple irregular shaped stains from where some exploded. 

Brave New World (Zombie AU) || Christian & Ellie


"What’s the combination? Hope you know it well in case we need to get back in here in a hurry," Ellie warned him, placing her hands on her hips and sighing. "They find this place locked up they’ll break it open like a nut in its shell, you realize that right? From what I’m understanding this military or these bandits or whatever, they don’t take kindly to outsiders and they sure as hell don’t like people doing their own thing."

She gathered up her things and got ready to leave. She wasn’t ready to walk all the way back to the truck, but she’d force herself to. She had to if she wanted to survive.

Ellie warned him in the right manner just as he was pulling the hanger doors shut but stopped at where they were prior. She made a good point, a lock would only ruse suspicion even more… and the bandits and Salvation City patrols would break into it and set them back even further if they scavanged for the tools and parts that were still on the plane. It was best to leave it unlocked and open for now. “You are right… Leaving it unlocked would be the best bet for now.”

He moved aside as she walked through the doors and stayed close as they began to walk towards the truck on the other side of the tarmac. “How does your ankle feel?” The blonde asked, glancing down at her braced food. His voice stressed with genuine concern.

"You are cute but we're not going to be a thing."
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"Yet you live in my house, eat my food, use my ammo… Hm… It’s almost like were married." The blonde mumbled, cooking supper for them.

"Yeah, Einstein?? Well, my sisters used to cook me supper and lived in the same house with me so by your own flawless logic, we’re sisters.”


"Well call it incest then. Whatever floats your boat." 

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